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Class Descriptions


Personal and Private Training to Boost Your Fitness Level

Whether you want to improve your stamina or want to attain your fitness goals, rely on the trainers at Non Stop Fitness for personal training sessions. You can expect us to design a fitness program to cater to your individual needs and help you get your desired fitness results.

Personal Training

Based on personal goals during training sessions

Trainer or coach provides exercises focusing on individuals

Specific goals in a personalized setting

One-on-One Private Training

Specifically designed program with a personal coach or trainer

One-on-one setting dedicated entirely to you

Personal training in a semi-private session



Limited (2 times a week) (most valuable)

Unlimited (3 times a week or more) (most popular package)

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Take Your Fitness to the Next Level With Our Team Training

Achieve your fitness goals with the help of the trainers at Non Stop Fitness. Stay motivated and work out effectively along with our other team members by opting for our team training. We have expertise in different training areas, so you can expect us to cater to your specific fitness needs with ease.

Our Team Training Includes

Boot camps


Socaphit (Nonstop Fitness Exclusive)


Corporate training and workouts

Reasons to Be a Part of Our Team Training

Team training ($60 a month)

6 or 12-month program commitment

Unlimited coaching in a high-energy, fun environment

Workouts combine metabolic training with strength training

Large group setting of all ages

There is no greater gym, with the most amazing staff, with the greatest humans anywhere else in the planet. NSF is literally changing lives daily and are real life hero’s! When you go and train there, you aren’t just a client, you become family, WITH EVERYONE!!!
— Henry
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Online Training

If you are interested in being at a desired weight or physique, this program is for you. Our meal plans are calculated down to the right amount of fats, proteins and carbs you need daily. Our cardio routines are designed for you to burn fat and keep lean muscle. The motivational support is a weekly check in to see what your progress is.



Meal Plans

Cardio Routines

Motivational Support



Initially it starts with a phone conversation to access your goals. After that we calculate the time frame of your transformation with our program.

Process photos are mandatory monthly. 

Meals change every two weeks depending on your program (muscle gain or fat loss).

Designated time Friday consultation/during the week no text or call after 8 pm.

Calisthenic and bands for cardio routines designed for home or outdoors.

If you have any questions please contact us at our email




Gives you the ability to use the full facility during our hours of operation. This membership can be paired with our popular Nonstop Classes and/or Personal Training packages.

NonStop Classes

We offer group exercises that appeal to all interests and fitness levels. Some of our most popular group exercise classes incorporate the entire body, such as: Fitcamp, HIIT to the beat, Socaphit, and Zumba. Unique additions such as Booty Camp, Mini Muscles, Zumba, Trap Yoga, NK Ladies, and Twerkout only electrify our gym even more so! We also host a live DJ every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to energize these popular and new additions. With 54 different one hour classes throughout the month expect to find an upbeat intense class that will suit your fitness level.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are held for one hour. Included is a nutrition guide that provides healthy alternatives for meal and snack ideas. Our trainers take pride in holding you accountable along your journey with strong motivation and encouragement. Your amazing progress will be tracked in the form of progress pictures as well as body measurements. These elite trainers use their expertise to ensure you obtain results and reach each one of your goals while boosting your confidence both in and outside the gym.